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Last Days Of Humanity / SROM - Split Cd

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This is the meeting of two generations of old school goregrind!In the 90s LAST DAYS OF HUMANITY shaped the first wave of the genreSince 2005 SATAN'S REVENGE ON MANKIND defend the heritage of the pioneers.

This split release marks a historical encounter of goregrind how it used to be.

100% straight, back-to-the-roots pitch shifter madness.


 LDOH deliver seven high-speed attacks from their classic era.

Captured by the soundboard, you've never heard these songs this way before, including wholly unheard material.

 SxRxOxM present two exclusive hymns that follow up on the darker tones the band has turned to in recent years. Can't wait for the upcoming album? This is your chance to pass the fucking waiting time!

 The CD booklet features original artwork by Luisma (HAEMORRHAGE) and The Almighy Mr. Goreblast (SxRxOxM)

The CD comes with three covers on an especially designed 10 page gate fold, one individually for each band and an extra-gory main cover.

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