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Autopsy - All Tomorrows Funerals CD

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"All Tomorrow's Funerals" includes the remastered versions of songs from early '90s EPs "Retribution for the Dead" and "Fiend for Blood; "Horrific Obsession" and "Feast of the Graveworm" from the "Horrific Obsession" single; "Funereality" from the "Peaceville Vol. 4" compilation; the five cuts that first appeared on "The Tomb Within" EP, which includes one of the most nefarious doom licks AUTOPSY has ever recorded on "My Corpse Shall Rise"; four new cuts, including a title track, "Broken People""Maggot Holes" that pick up right where the phenomenal "Macabre Eternal" left off, and an appropriately creepy/bizarre close to the proceedings called "Sign of the Corpse"; and he aforementioned "Mauled to Death", which is a 1987 demo track resurrected for this release.

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